The new movement  of development, economic  and social boom in Ethiopia has brought  ill minded jealousy in some countries.  Somaliland  is a territory  of the Somali Republic  waiting  any good day to be a country.  Imagine the mood of attempting  to divorce with great Somalia Republic. The history  of theContinue Reading

  The government of Ethiopia is seriously expressing the tragic scenario and the security situation, Prime minister Abiy Ahmed has called to the nation for possible cooperation of security procedures and also warned any antagonistic efforts will result in series punishment.    The political leaders and media outlets who areContinue Reading

  Ethiopians are facing the external threat and facing challenges. The enemy has planned and directly assassinated the Ethiopian musician and icon of oromo music, Acaalu Hundessa. The planned assassination of, Hacaalu Hundeesa, is completely vile intention of fascism from foreign enemies. Ethiopians are planning today to start filling Grand EthiopianContinue Reading