Every day voice of an Ethiopian is related with Abbay- The Nile. We have come along the path of disaster while The Vouchers are cruelly drawing into Mediterranean ocean. Our blood and bone will stay in that ocean as history but the United States sound of reckless humanity which isContinue Reading

Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s largest airline, has successfully unveiled its new passenger terminal at Bole international airport last week. The flag carrier ensured the terminal was designed with a focus on Bio- security and Bio- safety measures. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s Capital city, houses Bole International Airport. The Airport serves as EthiopianContinue Reading

Guest speaker Mark Cuban has no idea how his name got on the list; another speaker died in November, Reports the CNC’s Cathy Kearney. An unlikely event dubbed the international conference on Coronavirus and Rare diseases scheduled for October in Vancouver has police and Canada’s Anti- Fraud center concerned. AContinue Reading

The month of July marked the 120th anniversary of the first Pan- African conference, held 15 years after the partition of Africa had been sealed at the Notorious Berlin conference. Trinidadian lawyer, Henry Sylvester Williams – who coined the terms ‘Pan- Africa” and “Pan- Africanism”- organized this meeting in London’sContinue Reading

United States government engaged the impartial mediator role and obviously fails when imposing pressure with insane and biased narration. U.S. halts some foreign assistance funding to Ethiopia over Dam dispute with Egypt and Sudan. The secretary of state Mike Pompeo has approved a plan to halt U.s foreign assistance toContinue Reading

The proposed drought mitigation, Mechanism of International agreement, United Nations Convention or Whatsoever better for human species: must possibly know what is going on in our planet. Mike Pampeo declared war on Earth doesn’t mean the world is for those individuals and the CIA abbreviation in North america. Human existenceContinue Reading