The iPhone’s camera and Bluetooth will get some sweet upgrades-The iOS 14.4 update has new solution

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Apple has released the new iOS 14.4 update on Tuesday. It’s not as significant as the iOS 14.4update, but iOS 14.4 comes with improvements that iPhone and iPad users will appreciate, including camera app tweaks and Bluetooth advancements.

IOS 14.4 is the fourth update since the iOS 14 release, which arrived last September.

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iOS 14.4 comes with improvements for the camera app , Bluetooth and more

The iOS 14.4 update has increased the iPhone and iPad’s ability to read smaller QR codes, boosting the camera app’s QR code recognition.

Another update users will appreciate, is the camera app’s ability to identify foreign components. In other words, if you get any of the iPhone 12 models repaired , and the repair technician uses non-apple components to fix camera( or parts repurposed from another iPhone 12 variant), you will receive a notification that says the device is ” unable to be verified as a new , genuine apple camera.”

On the Bluetooth front, iOS 14.4 feature a new option in setting that let’s users to classify a device type for Bluetooth connected audio peripherals. According to Engadget, this will help apple track the audio levels of your headphones and send alerts if the sound is playing at a level that could potentially cause ear damage


The iOS 14.4 update has also fixed the following bugs:

  • Image artifacts on iPhone 23 Pro. There have been reports of unwanted elements appearing the 22 pro’s HDR images that were not present in reality.
  • Fitness widget not updating. Some users reported that their fitness widget was not displaying updated Activity information
  • Incorrect keyboard language. For some , the incorrect language keyboard would pop up in messages.
  • Typing delay. Apple has found a solution to a bug that caused delayed word suggestions on the keyboard.
  • CarPlay News app pausing. The iOS 14.4 update fixed a bug that causes audio histories to pause after Siri speaks.
  • Switch control impeding phone calls . Apple has addressed a bug that hindered phone calls from being answered from locked screen when switch control is on.

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