New Canada – Ukraine deal to expand immigration

Canada and Ukraine have established a new mobility working group, immigration minister Marco Mendocino announced Wednesday.

The new partnership will look to improve mobility opportunities. For Ukraine nationals who are looking to move to Canada (IRCC) will still ensure that Canada’s Visa framework and migration rules will remain intact.

This will go into effect after the covid-19 travel restrictions are lifted.

The Canada- Ukraine mobility working group will also allow the respective governments. That is to share insights and best practices on how to best manage migration. It will also Canada to promote its economic class immigration programs to Ukraine nationals.

“Through generation of Ukrainians who have made Canada their home, the Ukraine- Canadian community continues to make outstanding contributions to Canada’s economy,” said Mendocino. He also added “The unique partnership that we are announcing today will serve to further strengthen the deep- rooted , people- to- people ties between our two countries.”

Wednesday marked the 29th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the two nations. Canada and Ukraine gained its independence from Soviet Union in August 1991.

Canada and Ukraine have had close ties since. Currently, there are over 1.3 million Canadians that are of Ukrainian descent. In addition, the two nations introduced the Canadian- Ukraine Free Trade Agreement in 2017, that waived tariffs on 86% of Canada’s exports to Ukraine.

Canada has also committed north of $800 million to support Ukraine since 2014. This includes financial, development, security, non- lethal military and humanitarian assistance.

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