How do medical alert systems work?

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Need an alert system for someone who rarely leaves their home or yard? We have used plenty of those. Want a device that wears like a smart watch? We have tested those too. Don’t want to fuss with multiple contraptions or new technology? Now, we have seen products for these folks, as well.

Medical alert systems are designed to enable older adults to maintain their independence and age safety in place. If these is our first time learning about these devices, you will probably be amazed to see the variety of products for differing tests and needs.

Here is how medical alert system work:

A medical alert system operates either via landline connection or a cellular connection (we prefer cellular connections). Most companies that cell medical alert systems offer one o more of the three types of systems: in- home, mobile, and hybrid. Of course smart watch alert systems are hybrid, they can be used at home and on-the-go and they ate powered via a cellular signal (no landline required).

The in-home system is specially important for senior who live alone. This type of system usually includes a base not that should be placed in a central location in the house. The vbase unit is like the central nervous system, everything else is running through it. It might feel a little weired at first, but if you end u choosing one of these, you will be talking to the response center associate through this box like communicator.

Many system include a help button that you or your loved one will wear around the neck or wrist. Some, but not all , systems also include help buttons that can be placed in different locations around the house, usually n spots that are high risk for falls such as the bottom of the staircase. If you or your loved one is wearing a smart watch alert system , you won’t have to worry about reaching a wall- mounted button, as help is right there on your wrist.

We think this mole systems offer lots of value and peace of mind for seniors who are in the go. They come in various forms. Some are help buttons worn around the neck. Others are smart watches , as noted, or help buttons that can be attached t a belt. And some are specifically made for cars.

Now, imagine that you are having a medical emergency, perhaps a fall or systems of heart attack. You push a help button either on a button placed in your home or on your smart watch. You often ca communicate directly through this button. If the button doenot include two-way talk, you can speak through the base unit.

A train response center associate will respond to you, usually in 3 seconds or less, and ask you few questions to assess the situation. If you are unable to speak, the associate will call 911 and your predetermined contacts. The response center also has your medical history and contact information on file, so they are able to quickly provide EMS important information.

Still not sure if this is something you want or need? Most companies offer a trap period of 30 days. And we definitely recommend having some sort of medical alert coverage as you or your loved one ages.

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