New York to be Bitcoin: Candidates for Mayor Andrew Yang plans to make New York city a Bitcoin hub

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Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang is running for mayor of New York city. He has promised that as mayor he would invest in making the city ” a hub for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. ” Young is also pro- universal basic income(UBI) and wants to launch, “the largest basic income program in history.”

Entrepreneur and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang is running for Mayor of New York City. The Democratic primary is on June 22. He ran for US president in the 2020 election before dropping out early last year.

In the other side, another US city is already on its way to becoming a Bitcoin hub. Miami mayor Francis Shuarez has recently gained support from the city commissioners to allow tax payments in bitcoin as well as making the cryptocurrency for the city to potentially invest in and hold in its treasury reserves in the future.

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Amazon sues NY amid threat of virus labour lawsuit Reading

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‘I saved £5,000 by charging my electric car for free’ Reading

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Canada approves world’s first  bitcoin ETF for retail investors

Purpose Investments Inc. has been cleared by regulators to launch the world’s for first bitcoin exchange traded fund, opening the door for retail investors to more easily access a cryptocurrency that had been stalled by regulators for years. The Ontario security commission (OSC) gave the green light for Purpose Investments, the asset management arm ofContinue Reading

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How do you become creative designer?

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Toronto gig- work fintech payfare files for IPO

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Toronto’s luxury neighbourhoods have seen real estate value drop by up to 30%

The Covid-19/Pandemic has certainly shifted the trends in Toronto’s housing market since it first arrived last March, and it seems Condos in the City’s most luxurious neighborhoods are among some of the hardest hit. According to a report from a real estate website Strata, the Condo markets in Yorkville ,the Annex and Casa Loma haveContinue Reading

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Power Corp looks to vacate penthouse suite in Toronto’s Brookfield place

Power Corp. of Canada POW-T +0.03% ∆ is looking to vacate its penthouse at Brookfield place in downtown Toronto, another financial services company seeking to shed prime real state amid the pandemic. Power Corp, a global financial services and investment company controlled by the Desmarais family, is headquartered in Montreal in a stately low riseContinue Reading

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Here’s how much you’d have to earn to buy a house or Condo in Vancouver, according to the Study

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Qatar’s massive $29- billion bet and warning on natural gas has lessons for Canada

As the world moves toward renewable energy or lower emission fuels, natural gas has emerged as a compromise energy source. While most environmental groups are still not convinced that natural gas should be a prominent player in a furlture low carbon world. The international energy agency expects global natural gas demand to rise 2.5 percentContinue Reading

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Calagary startup Symend raises US$43- million, hires hundreds, bringing hops of tech revival to depressed oil patch

Symend Inc., a Calgary startup that has become one of Canada’s most rapidly expanding technology enterprises serving big corporations, has raised an additional US $43- million in venture capital, just nine months after securing US $52 million from investors. The financing was led by Inovia Capital, which also led last May’s round. Other investors includeContinue Reading

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Lightspeed and Brookfield Renewable launch large stock sales

A pair of Canadian companies in hot sectors- ecommerce service provider Lightspeed POS Inc. LSPD-T +0.96% up and power generating firm Brookfield Renewable Corp. BEPC-T -5.6% down- have collectively launched more than $1.4 billion of stock sales targeting US institutional investors. Montreal based LightSpeed and Brookfield Renewable parent Brookfield Asset Management Inc. BAM-A-T +0.27% upContinue Reading

Stuck abroad with Airport shut, flummoxed Israelis stranded for a way back home

Travelers who left for what they thought was a short trip are now winging it and searching for answers on how they can get to Israel, angry at the government for abandoning them. Navah Turin travelled from Israel to Dubai on January 24 to visit friend for one week. Over two weeks later, the singleContinue Reading

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